UI/UX Designer



I'm Saurabh Jadhav,
App Developer & Web Developer
from INDIA, Maharashtra.

I have rich experience in web site design & building and customization. Also I am good at Graphic Desgining, UI Designing, App Developing etc. I love to talk with you about our unique approach. Feel free to contact me writing an email with your project idea.

What I Do
UI/UX Design

I love to Design the User Interface and User Experince, according to app module.

Brand Identity

I Love to make Brand Logos, Researching and Identifying the product so i can make it happen.


Currently, i'm working on several blogs and website. I can make decent website for better connection with people.

Mobile Apps

I have developed several android applications from which i'm generating my revenue with help of google admob.


I Love to do Photograpghy, I have great hold on taking pictures and editing via Photoshop.

Recent Works

Canada Quotes

Canada Quotes

Canada Quotes has the capability to trigger the invisible push buttons inside the human mind that unleash immense Positive energy. These Quotes have been worded by some of the most experienced and successful entrepreneurs, sports people, social workers, Military men, Athletes, Politicians, and Veterans from every corner of the world & language support.

CANADA QUOTES also mention about canada's Motivational Speakers & Great Personality.
Share the app with relatives and friends, coworkers or with your partner. They are going to love it and it will make their day.

canada quotes,american quotes & etc.

This App is Also For Mention Countries :-

sydney australia, great britain countries, us country, germany etc.

Features of Canada Quotes:

1. Well-arranged categories
2. New categories over a time.
3. Share via SMS
4. Share via Email
5. Share quotes via WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
6. Get daily motivational quotes.
7. Daily Notification.
8. Now You can Add your Own Quotes in the App.


If you have any suggested features or improvement, please leave a comment. In case something is not working correctly please let me know. When posting low rating please describe what is wrong to give the possibility to fix that issue.

Guess the Diseases - 2020

Guess the Diseases - 2020

Guess the Diseases and symptoms for Medical students and Doctors.
You will be presented with Images related to Medical disease and Symptoms, you will have to guess what the image represent. It's like pictionary with diseases.

Hints :

1. Expose a letter
2. Remove the Letter
3. Solve it !


Remove Letters: This hint will remove all extra letters for you. This hint will help you guess wisely and progress in the game!
Expose the Letters: Use this hint when you need extra letters to guess the Diseases on a hard puzzle!
Solve the Quiz: This hint will solve the word puzzle for you! Use this hint if you 're totally stuck on a hard Quiz!

Manifest money - the secret law of attraction

Manifest money - the secret law of attraction

Manifest money - the secret law of attraction

manifesting money with the help of the secret law of attraction

Have you ever think ? that you can achieve and earn wealth and Success easily?

yes ! you can by manifesting your inner power and the secret law of attraction.

In the App,

There are Seventeen points in which each of the points are detailed about manifesting money with the help of law of attraction money.

What everybody wants in life is success - and that often, if not always, includes financial independence.

No matter what a person wants to achieve, a lack of money will be a constant obstacle.

But how do you draw money into your life? Is there a way to do it consistently and easily?

Is there really a fundamental and natural law of wealth which, once discovered, understood and practiced, will enable you to prosper in financial abundance beyond your wildest dreams?

Is monetary-success just the operation of mere luck, chance or coincident - or is there something more precise and deliberate going on that most of us have not noticed?

Read How to Manifest Money and find out for yourself.

Canada Student Visa Guide - 2020

Canada Student Visa Guide - 2020

canada visa for students is very needful now a days. because every students wants higher education in his/her life to become a successfull person.

If you want to study in canadathemn you must know how to get study visa for canada.

In the app you'll get to read about canada student visa:

Overview of canada student visa.
how to apply canada student visa.
what are the criteria for canada student visa.
what are the reasons of rejection of canada student visa.
what are the canada student visa Fee.
FAQ for Students for canada visa.

All the written material is very easy to read and to understand.

you'll get to know how to get a student visa for canada.

Free source code

Free source code

" Free source code - Android Studio " is specially developed for beginners and android developer.

* In this you will get pre developed android studios , eclipse source codes with all description in the source code folder, android developer can easily modify it.

* We are Targetting Beginner level students and android developer to help them get started with Android studio.

* Intermediate people and android developer can also download these source codes to practice with pre-developed apps and source code.

* Learn Android Software Development.

* kotlin and java both are the main programming languages used in these free source code.

[ How - To - Use ]

1. Download android studio.
2. Download Java JDK.
3. Downlaod Our App [ Free source code -
android studio Projects ].
4. Download any Project from our app and import into android studio.
5. Edit the Source code as per your requirements.
6. Change logo, Name, Packagename and Assets.
7. All the Descriptions are given in their respective source code.
8. Use the Source code or Project for Fair purpose only**.
9. I did not own any of these android studio source codes.
10. Positive Suggestions are welcomed in email given below .

* Trending World needs more android developer and ios developer who knows programming and have coding skills for app development.

* I have develop this app for positive results and positive feedbacks, I wish and hope to maintain this postivity within us.

Contact Me


Near Ambika Temple, Station Road (Ulhasnagar) - 421004

Phone number

+(91) 7066534938